Brief History

The next stage of the evolution of mathematics in Bucharest, which can be named as the recognition stage, belongs to the great creators who, after completing their PhD in Paris, mostly with distinction, returned to Bucharest in order to achieve impressive scientific and academic works. With respect to the aforementioned stage, it is worth mentioning Gheorghe Țițeica, Dimitrie Pompeiu and Traian Lalescu as outstanding personalities of the Faculty in the first four decades of the twentieth, followed by Victor Vâlcovici and Octav Onicescu. A remarkable moment in the history of our faculty is given by the appointment by the Faculty of Mathematics of renowned professors previously affiliated with the University of Cernăuți (Simion Stoilow, Gheorghe Vrânceanu, Miron Nicolescu), the University of Iași (Grigore C. Moisil) or the University of Cluj (Caius Iacob). This clearly represented, for the following years, a turning point in the modernization of mathematical higher education at the University of Bucharest. Also, other professors, such as Alexandru Ghika, Dan Barbilian, Gheorghe Mihoc, Nicolae Teodorescu, Alexandru Froda, Călin Popoviciu and Ștefan Gheorghiță, joined the previously mentioned ones in their effort. With respect to the last period of time, one should mention, as active participants in the modernization of the mathematical higher education and research, Professors Gheorghe Marinescu, Martin Jurchescu, Nicolae Radu, Aristide Halanay, Dragoș Lazăr, Costache Teleman, Eugen Sóos. There are numerous mathematicians who sadly passed away, lived in the twentieth century and brought important contributions to the development of our faculty, as well as mathematics in Romania, and whose photographs are displayed on the corridor inside the Dean’s Office.